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The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery

Scavenger Hunts and Mystery Games

The most authentic and crafted Scavenger Hunts and Mystery Games in the Oldest Cities!


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See the oldest cities your way!

Experience the thrill of exploring any old city in a new way with The 13 Keys Scavenger & Mystery games! With each game at your own pace, you can take your time to fully immerse yourself in the city and discover all of its hidden treasures. Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of the supernatural, or simply seeking a fun challenge, there’s a game for everyone.

Plus, with the flexibility to participate with only your own group, you can take breaks whenever you want to eat, drink, or explore the city’s unique shops and attractions. Get ready for a day of adventure and excitement that you’ll never forget!



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You can keep up with our Journey in many ways.
Here are some highlights from The Odd Macabre you may have missed!

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The Odd Macabre Patreon Starts May 21st!

Get ready to converge on a path of discovery through the weird, dark, and wonderfully mysterious realm of The Odd Macabre. Our Patreon will go live on May 21st! We have many creepy cool things planned for our patrons, so jump on the waitlist and get ready to join our phantastic community!

The Odd Macabre

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We are relocating the Parlor in 2024!

We are moving the Parlor to Savannah GA! Don’t fret we are still have the fantastic tours you’ve come to expect and enjoy in St. Augustine but watch for new ones starting in Savannah in June!

The Odd Macabre

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We are Headed to Savannah, GA

Get Ready for Ghost Tours, Paranormal Investigations, and Scavenger Hunts in Savannah, Georgia!

The Odd Macabre

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The Odd Epitaph! Read About Our Odd and Haunted Adventures!

We’ve listened to your feedback and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new blog, The Odd Epitaph!

The Odd Macabre


The Odd Macabre Patreon is now live!

Behold the eerie extravaganza that is The Odd Macabre on Patreon. We are officially live, bringing you an exclusive backstage pass to the most peculiar and macabre wonders you can imagine. Prepare to be enthralled as we unveil a hauntingly delightful world reserved just for our dedicated supporters.

The Odd Macabre

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The Odd MacabreCast: Be Part of the Journey!

Are you ready for another great way to experience The Odd Macabre?

The Odd Macabre

Check out the History of Savannah & St. Augustine with a Scavenger Hunt! ★★★★★

The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery
Great scavenger hunt! Lots of fun!

Very nice couple running it. It’s a great scavenger hunt and is set up very well! Would definitely recommend checking it out.

– Brandee S • Tripadvisor
The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery
13 key scavenger hunt

This scavenger hunt was the BEST part of our trip! Very fun and well organized! We will definitely be back next year!

– Teresa N • Tripadvisor
The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery
Absolutely best self guided tour we have ever done.

My wife and I had a blast with the 13 keys. It was so much fun and informative. Definitely will book more with this company.

– Michael F • Tripadvisor
The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery

10/10! I highly recommend this scavenger hunt! It was the highlight of our trip to St. Augustine. Worth every penny.

– Nina E • Tripadvisor
The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery
Things you never knew!

Truly, a great experience. Coming back to finish up! Bring water and a smile and you'll be good to go!

– Matthew P • Tripadvisor
The 13 Keys Scavenger and Mystery
Key to Fun in St. Augustine

This was such a fun way to test our knowledge of the city and get some fun facts we didn’t know yet. We really enjoyed taking photos throughout and the quick, funny responses back from the hosts.

– Amy H • Tripadvisor